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Dental Implants Towson, MD

An experienced restorative dentist in Towson, Dr. Welinsky offers advanced treatment options for replacing missing teeth including dental implants for a permanent, secure, and natural-looking smile. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, a dental bridge or to secure a denture for the upper or lower arch of teeth.

Dental implants can offer patients the most natural and functional result after tooth loss, giving stability and strength to your smile and bite. Patients with dental implants enjoy normal chewing function and feel more confident when speaking without the fear of a slipping appliance or garbled speech. Dr. Welinsky recommends the placement of dental implants whenever possible for these and other key benefits that can provide the best possible quality of life. If you are looking for an experienced dental implant specialist in Towson, MD, Dr. Welinsky can provide you with a plan of action.

What is a Dental Implant?

Affordable dental implants in Towson MarylandA dental implant is a titanium post designed to fuse to the jaw bone – acting as the root of a missing tooth. This unique factor provides key benefits for your long-term oral health and the appearance of your lower face, preventing dramatic jaw bone recession which can occur after tooth loss.

The implant is used to support a dental crown (single missing tooth), bridge (several missing teeth), or a denture (replace all missing teeth).

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Almost a 100% success rate
  • Prevents bone loss and gum recession as it will fuse to your jaw bone
  • Promotes a healthier diet with fresh foods
  • Unlike bridgework requires no preparation to neighboring teeth
  • Improves speech
  • Improves comfort in denture wearing patients

Am I a candidate for teeth implants?

Dr. Welinsky will offer a thorough evaluation of your overall oral health and cosmetic goals before recommending treatment options for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Today’s patients enjoy the benefit of many recent advances in the techniques for placing implants that enable most to be qualified candidates.

If you need to have soft tissue or bone stabilized before placing an implant, Dr. Welinsky can work with you to coordinate pre-treatment procedures with a local specialist. This is important for the stability of the end result.

Dental Implants: What to Expect

The placement of teeth implants is a multi-faceted procedure that Dr. Welinsky will manage and coordinate for consistent care and a great result. If bone grafting or sinus lift is considered necessary to support your implant, we will coordinate care as needed and follow up to monitor your healing and plan the next phase of the process.

At the initial consultation visit, Dr. Welinsky will complete a thorough evaluation of your dental health to determine if dental implants are the correct solution for you. You should be in overall good health and have enough healthy jawbone to support the implanted post.

Dr. Welinsky will coordinate the surgical phase of the tooth implant procedure with a local oral surgeon and follow up post-surgery to ensure a positive result. The placement of the dental implant is a simple procedure performed in the oral surgeon’s office under local anesthesia.

It typically takes three to six months for the implant to heal and fully integrate with the jawbone. During this time, a temporary restoration may be attached to offer natural aesthetics and function. This is often dependent upon the location of the implant placement and the stability of your remaining teeth.

After the healing process is complete, Dr. Welinsky will uncover the post and attach a custom dental crown, bridge, or denture to permanently restore beauty and function to your smile. Your restoration will look and function the same as your natural teeth. You can brush and floss normally, and even go back to regular eating habits with restored biting and chewing ability.

Dental Implant FAQs

How long does a dental implant last?

With routine dental care and good oral hygiene, you can expect your dental implant to last a lifetime and provide a secure and comfortable smile.

Are implants covered by dental insurance?

Dental insurance benefits typically do not cover dental implants. Our office will go over all associated treatment costs and payment and financing options with you.

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