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Dental Concerns Towson, MD

Do you have concerns about the health of your teeth and gums? Have you been avoiding the dentist for some time?

At Sweet Tooth Dentistry, Towson dentist Dr. Kevin Welinsky offers personalized, comprehensive treatment plans that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our patients.

Whether you are dealing with tooth damage or bleeding gums, we can provide you with the most appropriate solution for your dental health needs. Our team takes the time to discuss your symptoms, evaluate your smile, and build a treatment plan that is just right for you.

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If you notice any changes to your teeth, gums, or overall dental health, we recommend that you visit Sweet Tooth Dentistry of Towson, MD. Dr. Welinsky and our dental care team can help you achieve a healthier smile through patient-centered, personalized dental care.

Common Dental Concerns

Dental concerns should be treated as soon as possible to avoid further complications. We can screen your smile for common dental concerns and tailor a treatment plan for your needs. Whether you need moderate treatment or advanced treatment, we have the solutions you need.

Bleeding Gums?

Gum disease is one of the leading causes of adult tooth loss. In most cases, gum disease is preventable with routine visits to the dentist and daily oral hygiene. We offer a full range of periodontal therapy treatment options for patients dealing with various stages of gum disease. If you notice bleeding gums while brushing or flossing, you should schedule a dental check-up to determine the cause. After a one-on-one consultation, we can recommend the best treatment options for your needs.

Snoring or recurring headaches?

Snoring and reoccurring headaches can be signs of a sleep-related disorder called sleep apnea. If left untreated, sleep apnea can increase your risk of stroke, heart attack, and other severe health concerns. Getting a proper diagnosis and prompt treatment can help restore your health and reduce your risk of a severe life event. Visit Welinsky Dental Care to explore your treatment options for sleep apnea.

Worn or damaged teeth?

Teeth grinding and clenching can lead to tooth damage if left untreated. If worn or damaged teeth are not addressed, some patients can experience tooth loss. We offer a complete range of services for patients who grind their teeth. We can recommend the best solution to repair damaged teeth and get you one step closer to a healthier smile.

Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is a common dental problem that we treat. It affects patients of all ages. The most common cause of decay is lack of proper oral hygiene. Our local dentist office provides effective treatment for tooth decay for our patients.

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Sweet Tooth Dentistry of Towson, Maryland, offers a full range of treatment options for patients with various dental concerns. We work with our patients on an individual basis to recommend the best solutions for their smile To explore your treatment options, call 410-449-7656 or request an appointment online.