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Sweet Tooth Dentistry has incorporated some of the latest digital technology into our Towson, MD dentist office. Digital dentistry can provide more accurate treatment planning, a more pleasant patient experience, and predictable results. Dr. Welinsky is committed to offering the highest standard of dental care for patients of all ages.

Digital Dentistry in Towson

The next level of dental care is available in our office with digital scanning and laser dentistry. Dr. Welinsky can address your dental health needs with treatment that is less invasive using technology designed to improve results.

Intraoral scanner:
We offer radiation-free cavity* scanning using a convenient and comfortable intraoral scanner. Our dental care team can take in-depth digital scans of all surfaces of your teeth to spot cavities in the earliest phase of development.

Routine dental visits combined with advanced digital technology can often mean that problems are identified and treated quickly and conservatively, avoiding bigger issues and extensive dental care needs. Our intraoral scanner makes it easier to provide the highest standard of care with less radiation and greater accuracy.

Diode laser:
We use a soft-tissue diode laser for a variety of treatments that address gum health. Dr. Welinsky offers frenectomies for tongue ties, gingivectomy for a gummy smile, and can treat cold sores early on to reduce discomfort. Our hygienists can use the laser before a deep cleaning or scaling and root planing for the antibacterial effect that the heat energy has in the gum tissue.

The dental laser can also be used to treat muscular pain related to a TMJ disorder. The laser energy can relax muscles to alleviate tension and discomfort.

(*This technology may be used in conjunction with traditional radiographs as required by your doctor.)