Family Dentistry Towson, MD

Family Dentistry An Overview

Welinsky Dental Care is a family dental practice in Towson, MD that strives to offer patients a relaxing, comfortable and personal experience at the dentist. When you visit our office your comfort and care is our top priority. With the combination of a gentle dentist and modern technology, we can provide the best possible patient experience and results.

Our goal at Welinsky Dental Care is to get to know our patients on a personal level and develop a healthy relationship as a partner in your overall healthcare. We hope that you will look forward to your bi-annual visits and work with anxious or fearful patients to help them feel relaxed and confident in the dentist chair. Our team takes the time to understand your unique risk factors for oral disease so that we can provide the most personalized care and advice for the maintenance of your smile.

Family Dentistry What to Expect

When your family visits Welinsky Dental Care for your initial visit, Dr. Welinsky will review your dental and medical history, discuss any oral health habits you are concerned about and listen to your goals and expectations for your smile.

family dentistry in Towson Maryland

The Importance of Baby Teeth

The health and stability of your child’s primary teeth or baby teeth has a direct effect on the long-term health and development of their permanent teeth. The primary teeth also play a role in speech development and your child’s ability to enjoy a normal, varied diet. If there are concerns we seek to address them as early as possible to allow for the most conservative and least invasive treatment.

During your child’s regular visits with us, we will monitor the development of their primary teeth and address any damage or decay to keep them in place until the permanent teeth are ready to erupt.

Dr. Welinsky will also look for any signs of developmental concerns related to the teeth or jaw structure. He may recommend an early orthodontic consult to ensure that your child’s bite will be comfortable and stable as they grow.

Dental Care for Children

Dr. Welinsky offers children’s dental services to help a growing smile remain healthy and to identify any concerns related to the development of your child’s teeth, gums or jaw structure.

We also offer dental care for the signs of gum disease and teeth grinding in children to support the normal growth of their smile and minimize damage to the teeth and gums. Dr. Welinsky works with local specialists as needed for complex tooth extractions, orthodontic concerns and other dental problems that could impact your child’s dental health.

Dr. Kevin Welinsky DDS

Why choose Welinsky Dental Care?

Dr. Kevin Welinsky is a Baltimore native and second generation dentist serving patients and families in the Towson, Parkville and greater Baltimore area. Dedicated to providing the best possible patient experience, Dr. Welinsky, and our office team emphasizes the importance of patient education as the foundation for your dental care in our office.

We offer comprehensive dentistry for the maintenance of your oral health and work with patients on an individual basis to achieve specific goals for restoring or enhancing smiles.