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Restorative Dentistry An Overview

Restorative dentistry can play an important role in maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile for many patients. Treatments designed to repair damaged and decayed teeth, replace missing teeth and address overbite or underbite concerns enable patients to enjoy the best quality of life and feel confident in both social and professional situations.

restorative dental care in Towson Maryland

Dr. Welinsky has advanced training in restorative dental procedures and can help you get back a comfortable smile with a personalized plan of treatment designed to meet your unique dental health needs and cosmetic goals.

During a consultation, Dr. Welinsky will thoroughly evaluate your dental health, discussing both personal concerns and expected results. Restoring your smile will not only benefit your dental health but will support overall physical health and well being. Dr. Welinsky will get to know you and your unique risk factors for dental concerns, working with you on an individual basis to exceed your expectations.

Restorative Dentistry Facts

A damaged tooth can be become a lost tooth if not treated.

Without treatment, a damaged tooth, whether cracked or chipped can expose sensitive sections of your tooth to bacteria. Tooth decay, and eventually infection, can form, leading to discomfort and a greater risk of tooth loss. Fortunately, we can use a dental restoration such as dental bonding or a dental crown, to repair the tooth.

Missing teeth can be replaced with natural looking options.

Dr. Welinsky can replace one or more lost teeth with a range of options, including dental implants. Replacing lost teeth will give you back a smile that is beautiful, functional and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the best possible quality of life.

An infection needs attention immediately.

A dental infection forms when decay allows bacteria to reach the inner pulp, your tooth’s nerve center. Without treatment, the tooth can die and allow the infection to spread to other teeth and the soft tissues of the mouth. Dr. Welinsky will recommend appropriate treatment to address damage and infection. Root canal treatment can often save your tooth and avoid the need for an extraction.

Schedule A Consultation

To learn more about restorative dental care or to discuss your specific needs and concerns, contact our Towson dentist office at (410) 692-8453. We welcome new patients from many Baltimore area communities and offer personalized care for your restorative needs.

Restorative Dentistry What to Expect

The goal of your dental treatment plan is to restore function, aesthetics and health to your smile, addressing damaged or missing teeth. After a thorough oral exam and consultation, Dr. Welinsky may recommend one of these restorative dental procedures to replace or repair your teeth:

Restorative dentistry can give you back the ability to smile comfortably and confidently, enjoying an improved quality of life.


Dr. Kevin Welinsky DDS

Why choose Welinsky Dental Care?

Dr. Kevin Welinsky is a Baltimore native and second generation dentist serving patients and families in the Towson, Parkville and greater Baltimore area. Dedicated to providing the best possible patient experience, Dr. Welinsky, and our office team emphasizes the importance of patient education as the foundation for your dental care in our office.

We offer comprehensive dentistry for the maintenance of your oral health and work with patients on an individual basis to achieve specific goals for restoring or enhancing smiles.