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Dental Crowns An Overview

dental crowns towson md
There are several benefits of a dental crown. First, a crown restores the size, shape, and color of your tooth which has been altered by damage or decay. Second, a crown covers the entire surface of the tooth, strengthening it and supporting long-term health and stability. This cannot be done with a filling alone.

Crowns can also be used for cosmetic concerns such as closing spaces between teeth and correcting minor rotations and the shape of the teeth.

Common uses for a dental crown:

  • strengthening teeth
  • restoring teeth to their natural shape and size
  • covering a dental implant
  • protecting a weak tooth from breaking or restoring a broken tooth
  • addressing discolored teeth
  • attaching bridges
  • holding a filling
  • enhancing appearance

Towson, MD dentist Dr. Welinsky places custom dental crowns at Welinsky Dental Centernto solve a wide range of cosmetic and restorative concerns. Based on your needs, we can design and place a custom dental crown that is color matched and shaped to blend effortlessly with your existing smile.

Crowns: The Preferred Choice

A dental crown often provides a more secure restoration than a regular filling, serving to prevent further fracture of the areas of the tooth weakened by decay, extensive fillings or a cusp fracture. A dental crown is often essential to preserve a tooth following root canal treatment.


If you have teeth that are damaged, discolored or decayed and would like to restore your smile with a dental crown, schedule an appointment with Dr. Welinsky in our Towson dental office. We welcome new patients from many communities in the greater Baltimore metro area and offer comprehensive care for children and adults. Contact us at (410) 692-8453 or request an appointment online.

Dental Crowns What to Expect

The placement of a dental crown will require two visits to our office. The first step is to prepare the tooth by removing decayed or damaged tooth structure to accommodate the placement of the crown. After taking dental impressions a temporary crown is typically placed.

Once the final crown is complete, Dr. Welinsky will permanently secure it to your tooth after making any adjustments for comfort and appearance. Daily brushing, flossing and regular dental care will keep your new crown stable for many years, supporting long-term oral health and a functional smile.

Dr. Kevin Welinsky DDS

Why choose Welinsky Dental Care?

Dr. Kevin Welinsky is a Baltimore native and second generation dentist serving patients and families in the Towson, Parkville and greater Baltimore area. Dedicated to providing the best possible patient experience, Dr. Welinsky, and our office team emphasizes the importance of patient education as the foundation for your dental care in our office.

We offer comprehensive dentistry for the maintenance of your oral health and work with patients on an individual basis to achieve specific goals for restoring or enhancing smiles.