Tooth Extraction Towson MD

Tooth Extraction An Overview

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

When a tooth breaks from an accident or gets damaged by decay, sometimes it can be fixed with a filling or a tooth crown. However, in some cases, there’s too much damage and the tooth needs to be extracted.

Why Would I Need My Tooth Extracted?

  • Extra teeth blocking that are blocking other teeth from coming in
  • Baby teeth preventing permanent teeth from coming in
  • People getting braces may need teeth extracted to make space for moving teeth
  • Decay that is not restorable and causes infection to your teeth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

Dr. Welinsky performs simple tooth extractions in the comfort and familiarity of our Towson dental office. We will go over the steps in the procedure with you to minimize any anxiety you may have and post-treatment care instructions will be provided.

Complex tooth extractions are usually done by a local oral surgeon. If Dr. Welinsky determines that your situation calls for a surgical extraction and the expertise of an oral surgeon, we can work with you to refer to a local specialist.

Schedule A Consultation

Do you need a tooth extracted or fear that you may need a tooth extracted? To schedule a consultation with Dr. Welinsky, contact us at (410) 692-8453 or use our online appointment request form and we will contact you shortly. Dr. Welinsky’s Baltimore, MD area dentist office is convenient for patients in Towson, West Towson, Parkville and many suburbs in Baltimore, MD.

Tooth Extraction What to Expect

We will take an X-ray to evaluate your oral health and determine if your tooth needs to be removed before recommending a tooth extraction.

After discussing and developing a plan of action that you understand and feel comfortable with, Dr. Welinsky will schedule your appointment in our office or refer you to a local oral surgeon.

A tooth extraction is completed in one visit using a local anesthetic. Most patients experience minimal discomfort with a simple tooth extraction and will recover quickly when following our prescribed after-care instructions. These often include gentle cleaning of the area and the use of warm rinse for a few days. A soft diet is also often recommended for a few days to minimize swelling and bleeding.