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How Does Age Affect Your Dental Health?

Did you know that as you age, your teeth also age and change? Although tooth enamel is one of the strongest and hardest substances in our bodies, it begins to erode as we age and as lifestyle habits have an impact. The gums also change as we age, often receding and exposing more of the tooth root. Taking good care of your teeth and gums throughout your lifetime is important and will help you to enjoy your best quality of life as you age.

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How does aging affect your teeth?

As we age, our enamel thins and can become damaged over time from the repeated pressure of chewing. Lifestyle habits and even medical conditions can also affect the integrity of your tooth enamel. There are other factors that will affect how your teeth are impacted by age, including:

  • Decreased nerve sensitivity: aging can diminish the ability of the nerves in our teeth to react to cold, hot, or trauma. Because of this decreasing sensitivity, it is possible to have a damaged or decayed tooth without realizing it for some time. This is one reason why continuing to visit our Towson dentist office for routine dental care as you age is important for your oral health. Dr. Welinksy will be able to spot signs of changes in the tooth structure that you may not have noticed. Prompt treatment to repair damage or address decay will preserve your natural tooth.
  • Decreased saliva production: aging often reduces our natural production of saliva and can lead to a condition called dry mouth. Dry mouth can allow bacteria to remain on tooth surfaces longer, increasing the incidence of cavities and gum disease. Certain types of prescribed medications can also cause dry mouth. Our dental care team is here to help you manage the causes and effects of dry mouth to minimize your risk for dental problems.

Maintain Your Smile for a Lifetime

The health and stability of your teeth and gums play a role in your enjoyment of a varied diet and confident chewing and speaking ability. Dr. Welinksy is committed to the changing oral health needs of our adult and senior patients. Our personal approach to your dentistry means that we can help you manage your unique concerns and risk factors. We can help you adjust your oral hygiene routine as your smile changes over time. From protecting your teeth from damage to avoiding gum recession, routine dental care will support the health of your smile as you age.