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Emergency Dentist Services and Dental Crowns

Dental emergencies can strike when least expected, causing severe pain and potential long-term damage to your oral health. As an emergency dentist in Towson, MD, we are equipped to handle various dental crises promptly and efficiently.

An emergency dentist could help address several dental concerns and provide prompt dental crown treatment for decay or damage.

Identifying Common Dental Emergencies

Toothaches and Abscesses

An intense toothache or an abscess can signify an infection requiring immediate care. Delaying treatment could result in more severe health issues.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

A broken or chipped tooth doesn’t just affect your smile’s appearance but also exposes you to the risk of infections or further structural damage.

The Importance of Timely Emergency Care

Failing to address dental emergencies quickly leads not only to increased discomfort but can complicate future treatments as well.

Dental Crown Solutions During an Emergency Visit 

We often recommend porcelain crowns during a dental emergency due to their aesthetic compatibility with natural teeth alongside the exceptional durability necessary for restoration purposes.

The Procedure

When you come in with a dental emergency, the first step is always to provide a thorough examination. Finding the source of the emergency and the extent of the emergency is crucial to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

If you suffer from decay or damage, a dental crown may be necessary to preserve your natural tooth structure. During your appointment, your dentist will remove decay or damage using a dental drill. They’ll apply a local anesthetic ahead of time to reduce pain and discomfort.

After the tooth is prepared, your dentist will then take impressions of your bite. These help create models that work to ensure your crown fits comfortably in your mouth.

Temporary Solutions

It can take a few weeks for your permanent crown to be made. To help protect your mouth from further damage, your dentist will likely provide you with a temporary crown. This temporary crown can help keep your natural tooth safe and clean while waiting for your permanent restoration.

Timely Treatment

Treating decay and damage right away is often crucial to prevent further harm. If you wait too long to treat an emergency, a dental crown may not be able to save your tooth. In these cases, you may need an extraction and implant placement to treat the problem.

If you have a dental emergency, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 410-449-7656 to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. As an emergency dentist, we strive to always provide time in our schedule for sudden incidents. If we can’t get you in, we’ll help coordinate your care with another local professional to ensure you get the treatment you need.