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How Dental Fillings Help Your Teeth

If you have a cavity, it is likely that your dentist will recommend a dental filling. During the filling process, your dentist will use a material to “fill” your tooth. This material can range from composite resin to silver or gold amalgam. A dental filling should protect your tooth from damage and help provide support. 

With a cavity, your dentist will need to remove whatever decay is in your tooth. They typically do this with a drill or laser. After they get rid of the decay, they will thoroughly clean the area. This is to ensure that there will not be any bacteria left behind. Finally, they will fill the cavity with a dental filling

Without a filling, the decay will continue to destroy your tooth. In fact, the decay can cause infection or become abscessed. It is vital to treat a cavity when you first notice the symptoms. This is because a cavity can advance to other areas of your mouth. Additionally, an infection in your mouth is dangerous because it is so close to your brain. The infection can spread through your bloodstream as well—also known as blood poisoning. 

Therefore, it is essential that you get a dental filling if your dentist recommends it. 

side-by-side of a 3D cavity before and after a dental filling general dentistry dentist in Towson Maryland

Prevent Decay

It is necessary to use a dental filling to prevent the spread of decay. If your dentist leaves your tooth open, the delicate portion of your tooth is vulnerable to harmful bacteria. They use dental fillings to protect your teeth. 

Provide Structure

One of the main steps of a dental filling involves drilling. Your dentist will drill into your tooth to expose the decay. Once it is exposed, they will remove any infected pulp to halt the deterioration process. However, the material that they take from your tooth is integral to its structure. When you take it from the middle of the tooth, it becomes weaker. Without another material to take its place, your tooth won’t have any stability or structure. It would be possible for your tooth to break or fall apart. 

This is why your dentist will use a dental filling. The resin, porcelain, or metal fills the tooth, providing support. It makes your tooth solid, which means you will be able to resume your regular activities without worrying about breakage. 

Camouflage Cavities

Another benefit of dental fillings is that they can camouflage the decayed portion of your teeth. For some people, decay will look like white spots on their teeth. For others, the decay will show as black or brown portions of their teeth. When you get a dental filling, your dentist will likely need to drill through the discolored area to get to the infected pulp. As a result, it will remove the discoloration. 

If you receive a composite resin filling or a porcelain filling, you won’t be able to see where the cavity was. This is because these types of fillings are tooth-colored, so they blend with the look of your teeth.