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The Importance of Smiling

Believe it or not, your smile is very important to your life and well-being. Studies show that smiling has incredible benefits to your health. Other than showing others your feelings of happiness and joy, smiling can help to lower your blood pressure. 

Because the act of smiling releases endorphins, your body reacts as if it is happy. The release of cortisol can help reduce pain and stress and improve your overall endurance. In addition, smiling can help to strengthen your immune system.

Many people have issues with their teeth that keep them from smiling as often as needed to experience the benefits. According to research, adults, on average, smile only 20 times a day—less if they have self-esteem issues stemming from their teeth. So, what can you do to get the smile of your dreams and look your best?

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Treatment Options for Crooked or Discolored Teeth

A common issue that keeps people from smiling their brightest is a less-than-white smile. Teeth that are discolored from genetics, tobacco use, poor oral care routine, trauma, or others can discourage patients from smiling. The first route that people may take is teeth whitening. While there are many at-home or in-office whitening routines and procedures, dental veneers are an excellent option for discolored teeth. 

Veneers are flat porcelain shells that fit on the outside of your teeth to give them a white appearance. The top layer of your tooth is filed down so that the veneer sits flush with all of your teeth. Your teeth are as white as your natural teeth or as white as you discuss with your dentist. It is possible for you to get more than one veneer at a time, which means you can alter your entire smile in one session. 

Replacement Treatments for Missing Teeth

If you are missing teeth, you may not want to smile with confidence. Many people experience tooth loss. In fact, a quarter of all Americans will lose a tooth by the age of 75. When you lose a tooth, it is vital for you to seek a replacement option. Without a replacement, you risk all of your teeth shifting or becoming loose. This can create further tooth loss. 

In order to avoid altering your bite and smile even more, you should choose a replacement option. Some patients opt for dentures or dental bridges because they are relatively painless procedures, and you can receive them quickly. However, if you want a more permanent solution with less intense care over time, dental implants may be best for you. 

Dental implants are surgically placed prosthetic tooth structures. A titanium prosthetic takes the place of a tooth root in your jawbone, and a crown screws into the new root. Implants may be more expensive and need a more invasive procedure, but they last much longer than bridges and only require the same dental routine as your natural teeth.

Improvements for Poor Oral Care

One option to keep your smile looking its best is to visit your dentist regularly to receive cleanings and exams. During your appointment, your dentist can give you recommendations on how to improve the appearance of your smile, including fixing issues that are causing your less-than-stellar smile. Tooth decay and gum disease may be the root of your problems, so your dentist can offer you treatments and therapies to help.